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RE: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)

> i think the problem is that one person's
> "musicality" can be another
> person's "lame-ass crap." 

exactly!  right on the nose!

> also, my reading of the initial post leads me to
> feel that there are two
> contradictory wishes: one is that evan wants people
> to really "delve" into
> the gear in a "meaningful way," two is that he felt
> bummed when he saw
> people "twiddling knobs" - - which sounds a lot like
> people delving into
> their gear and "playing it like an instrument."
> maybe they are doing it, but
> the results don't work for you (?).

this is true, but allow me to explain further...what
i've noticed, and this is not just something that i
saw at the open loop - open loopers be not offended
(is that why david was so distressed...were you at the
open loop and thought i was bashing your
experimentation? - couldn't be further from the truth
- just trying to use small snippets of various
encounters as examples...) is that muscians/loopers
had a loop going and rather than focussing on the
continuity of the jam/music around them, they allowed
their parts to run rampant creating a sound that made
me and others in the various places where i witnesses
such acts, to cover our ears.  there are times when
playing with these pieces of gear when they just don't
do what we want them to do, wheter it is the fault of
the person or the machine...and i was disappointed to
see people fiddling with nobs and dials...shifting the
pitches and sounds even further into disonance (which
is beautiful music at times) with total and complete
disregard for the sounds around them.  

when i say that i was upset to see people turning
nobs, i was referring to the idea that rather than be
concerned with the overall sound of the jam and
EFFECTIVE ways to use the gear...i saw several
examples of why people should have to apply for
liscences to use the gear...total disregard for the
music in the air and the ears being exposed to it...

i've had instances where equipment failed on me or i
failed on the equipment and my first impulse has
always been to yank out some cables and go clean and
dry through an amp or PA and save the gear for another
time.  when something sounds like sh*t, i like to try
and resolve the problem and remove the sh*tty aspects
to it...not pile it higher.  it makes me question
whether or not people are just having fun pushing
buttons or actually listening (which is the biggest
problem with musicians is lack of listening to others
aside from yourself...but then again, i come from the
phish jam school where music is a collective effort
and not a solo thing - and i often forget that not
everyone has the same musical values/priorities that i

i'll try to try my hardest not to reply any more to
these...but i can't make any promises, so if you are
getting sick of this, please delete any emails from me
with musicality subject lines.

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