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multiple instruments, multiple tracks, polyrhythm now!

friends... in the multitrack sample trigger loop field, things are 
brewing. a soul sampler. loopy kids playing off each other on the 
playscape. these manifestations are in the becoming. . but we must stay in 
the rhythm of their growth. trying to build something loopy from within 
gregorian mindset of linear expansion (aka marketing)... would be like 
chanting raga with a mouthfull of french fries.

dontcha know?

click here for the infinite thingamajig device,
the latest to fix you up:

-the mercury formerly known as jan

>Well, if you've got a mixer, you can plug as many instruments into a 
>looper as you have imputs for, but if you're looking for each >instrument 
>to have it's own track, then I don't think there's anything out >there 
>other than the Repeater for that.  Unless you'd like to have >multiple 
>synched Echoplexes.  The Echoplex is mono, as is the Repeater if >you're 
>using each track separately, or  you can choose to use tracks in two 
>stereo pairs, as I do.  The great thing about the Echoplex and the 
>Repeater is they will synch to MIDI, very nice if you're working >with 
>sequencers/drum machines/computers.
>Lot's more on the LD site. (see tools of the trade)

>Mark Sottilaro

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