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Re: Loop4 Release Party

Hey there Hans and co,

Hans Lindauer wrote:

> Loop4 is awesome!  There are features there that most people would never
> have thought of, in addition to all of the ones that I was hoping for,
> and implemented more elegantly that I could have imagined.  

Me too -- I find there are a lot of improvements and additions that
would never have occured to me, but now that they're in there, they seem
like the most obvious (and highly useful!) things in the world.  As the
upgrade becomes more widely distributed and used, I look forward to
talking about some of the applications people have found for the new 

> Matthias and Kim, plus Andre, Andy, Claude, and the rest of
> the beta test team, all deserve to be commended for their effort to
> bring this new software to light.

Thanks for the shout-out.  But just for the sake of "credit where credit
is due," I wanted to say that Claude Voit and Andy Butler have made
incredibly deep and important contributions to LoopIV, along with Kim,
Matthias, and Chris Muir (who was a leader in the huge expansion of MIDI
functionality in LoopIV, which has been enormously liberating for me). 
My own very minor role isn't even close to these other folks; by the
time I came on board at the beginning of this year, the rest of the lot
mentioned above had been toiling away on this stuff for ages.  

And the main thing I probably brought was a lot of complaining and
moaning about new features I didn't have a clue about initially, which
I'm now utterly in love with.  I don't know how long it'll take me to
finish extracting my foot from my mouth over that stuff, but at least
I'll have lots of wonderful new EDP features to play with while I do. 
;)  Sorry for having doubted your brilliant efforts, guys.

My own very short review of the release party: I got to play with
Matthias Grob and Kim Flint while running LoopIV.  I was the luckiest
EDP guy in the world that night. 

Thanks again for all your help, Hans.  And I promise I'll have that
front right tire fixed next time we meet.  ;) 

--Andre LaFosse