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Re: Closed ear phones anybody...

I've been using Beyerdynamic DT250 80ohm version.
It is designed for filmsound and isolation of outside ambience
is pretty good. Something about 12dB if I remember right.
But ofcourse these leak some sound also but after you have used
these and they have modified to your head they do isolate more than
most closed does. They do look quite old and big but not that old and big
when turning eye on AKG or other used.

I dont like Sennheiser since quite small earcup and it makes my ear hurt
after long session. Beyer isnt big either since it is oval earcup and so it
fit in ear but still isnt that large (vs. AKG KF240M).

These Beyers do work with most gear out there. Even with cheap/small
units where headphone amp is often very poor. There is also 250ohm version
these but those need more power from headphone amp.

I like the frequency response what Beyer gives. It is almost flat from 20 
specially lowend is very flat and many bassplayers do like these very much
these are accurate at this frequency. There is a little gain at highmid to
make humanspeech
little more detailed and it is just fine for me since I use these also for
filmsound and there
is important to get all information about human speech without losing
trouple makers like
ambience which usually is lowerend material.

I did do some research before turning into these headphones. These does 
less that
Sennheiser 25's which is very good for portable use also. They do sell
Beyers earcup peaces
for Senn and Sony also and I understand that since these are best. very
comfortable and
after 10h lesson still dont need to get em off my head.