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Re: Frank Zappa

My favorite FZ album is still Live in New York - both the CD and LP, since
they're mixed differently - partially because I was at both the shows
recorded, mostly because the album really captured the way it sounded.
There was this idiot three rows in front who kept yelling, "yeaaaaaah,
FRANK!", all the way through the show; on the LP at the end of Black Page
pt. 2, you can hear him as it fades out.  This has been edited out of the 
version, but it's the only thing I missed, besides the version of "Montana"
they played at the Christmas shows.

FZ truly still lives through his music.  We can all only hope to have such
longevity via our work.

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From: "William Mcallister" <BILLYBUDDHA@webtv.net>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2002 16:13 PM
Subject: Re: Frank Zappa

> I did'nt really see Frank as a technical guitarist, as compared to many
> others. But it was his great mind and musical knowledge that led him to
> play the way he did. Did he ever take lessons? Listen to the musical
> interludes on Lumpy Gravy(inbetween the hilarious talking) there is some
> brilliant stuff, his last album (I think) Yellow shark. He went out with
> a bang. He alway hired other guitarist to play the hard stuff(Steve
> Vai). My point, His playing is a state of consciousness and not
> technical acrobatics. I like the earlier frank better,"Were only in it
> for the money" "Lumpy Gravy" "Overnight Sensation"  He still had a cool
> guitar sound back in the sixties. Praise Frank, can I get an Amen
> brothers? " In the darkness you have no corners to hide in"FZ