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Re: Frank Zappa

I did'nt really see Frank as a technical guitarist, as compared to many
others. But it was his great mind and musical knowledge that led him to
play the way he did. Did he ever take lessons? Listen to the musical
interludes on Lumpy Gravy(inbetween the hilarious talking) there is some
brilliant stuff, his last album (I think) Yellow shark. He went out with
a bang. He alway hired other guitarist to play the hard stuff(Steve
Vai). My point, His playing is a state of consciousness and not
technical acrobatics. I like the earlier frank better,"Were only in it
for the money" "Lumpy Gravy" "Overnight Sensation"  He still had a cool
guitar sound back in the sixties. Praise Frank, can I get an Amen
brothers? " In the darkness you have no corners to hide in"FZ