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Re: OT: speaker cabinets

Jim Fowler asked:

<<<anybody have experience with the following cabinets?
i'm looking to upgrade from my current raezer's edge
as they tend to break up too much for my taste.

euphonic audio

any other suggestions are welcome.>>>

I am proud to represent A3 Audio, and would be happy to refer you to one
of my dealers.  They are American made, with 3 different series at 3
different price points.

Based on my experience so far, the A3's are competitive with anyone
else's more expensive series.  So the entry level stuff competes with
most mid=priced stuff, etc.

Let me know your budget and your requirements and I'll try to point you
to some specific models.

Tonefully yours...

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       Representing Innovative Instruments of Impeccable Quality
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