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Re: zappa!(was Re: For G-bashers)

>Evan, Franks, The mothers statement"round and
circular things are
>boring" was making fun of the older dogmatic people
who were squares.
>Squaresville man.

I guess all of zappaís words and intentions are open
to different interpretation.  Iíve read several things
about the man and I would even say that his
descriptions of what he was doing is even open to
interpretation...and has been interpretted differently
by many...

> And was'nt Eno and Fripp doing looping while he was
>alive. Bill/Las Vegas

good point...Iím not sure about dates involving
looping history, but I think that zappaís overall
approach to music revolved around the idea of things
constantly changing and not being the same...maybe he
just didnít care about looping or didnít see the
potential with it?  Its all about the conceptual

the present day composer refuses to die.

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