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Re: OT - Near Field Monitors

Genelec 1019a are the old model substituted by 1031a. They also look 
to this model. I'm used to work with Ns10S and with someTannoys (I dunno 
model, as they were already mounted in the studio I work in as a day job,
but they are Huge (seem almost like Pa), and are really flat).

----- Original Message -----
From: "Greg House" <ghunicycle@yahoo.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 6:22 PM
Subject: Re: OT - Near Field Monitors

> --- Luigi Meloni <Luigimeloni74@libero.it> wrote:
> > Hi all. As I was looking around for some cheap near-field monitors
> > (just as a spare for mine, to use with my laptop when I'm away from
> > home and to have another kind of reference when I'm mixing and
> > mastering), I stumbled across a pair of used Genelec 1019a
> > biamplified nearfields. Has anyone ever tried them and can give me
> > some advice? The price seems acceptable and they seem to be in good
> > shape. I tried them and the cones are working well. What do you think
> > of them?
> > I was looking for something like the Yamaha NS10-M, or the new MS-5A.
> > (something flat in the response).
> They'll be a lot better then the NS10s, but that's not really saying
> much, since NS10s aren't very good monitors. Ubiquitous, yes. They
> sound bad in studios all over the world.
> I'm not familiar with the 1019A model, did you mean 1029? Or the 1091
> sub (designed to be used with the 1029s).
> A lot of people like the Genelecs, but the 1029s are the smallest ones
> they make and I've heard some comments saying they don't compete with
> the more famous ones (1031, etc). A friend of mine (who's ears I trust)
> says he thinks Genelecs are too flattering to the signals you run
> through them, preventing true critical listening. I haven't used 'em
> myself.
> IMO, NS10s are only useful for checking a mix to see if it's messed up
> in the midrange, and to see what it'll sound like on a junky playback
> system.
> Greg
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