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Re: tangled cords....

--- Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> wrote:
> There is two ways to do it:
> short cables you double until they are only about 30 cm and then make
> a knot into the whole multiple strip.
> long cables you have to roll up like a wheal would. The problem is 
> that most wind them over the arm and thus twist them with every turn.
> The same goes for unrolling them: if you simply take the end of a 
> nicely rolled cable and walk away, for each turn you will twist it 
> once, and when its twisted, it becomes really dificult to roll it up 
> right and its the twisted force that creates the "miscordation" 
> phenomenon mentioned further up.
> Then once they are rolled up, you can make a knot arround it with the
> outer end. Many have warned me saying that this kills the cable. I 
> answer that in the last 20 years it did not kill one of mine. Maybe 
> because I dont make the knot it exactly the same spot each time...

I found that the twist caused by winding on the arm can be resolved by
moving the orientation (direction) of the cable on the arm every a
'few' winds.  By reversing the orientation of the cable on the arm you
alternately put in twists, and undo twists as you wind the cable.

I too was taught to put a knot on the cables, I learned this in the
1970's working as a stage hand, and still rely on this method without
damage to cables.  

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