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Re: tangled cords....

>Stan Card wrote:
>>  > needs:
>>  > - a cord that won't become a celtic knot 3 seconds after i take 
>>it out of the
>>  > box
>>  >
>>  > any insight? thanks!
>>  >
>>  > Jon
>>  this is an interesting problem(@least to me). has anyone noticed that 
>if you
>>  leave some cords or wires alone together,either in a box or case and 
>>  are then left there unattended for awhile they seem to get all  
>tangled up
>>  w/out anybody touching anything? is it just me-what is this phenom 
>>  oh well it probably doesnt have a name but there should be one IMHO...
>>  s
>a similar problem is the secret place where single socks hide

I claim I dont have this problem. Ok, I left a single sock at Kim and 
I dont use any in Brasil, but the cables I wind up and use them 20 
years without fixing them.

There is two ways to do it:
short cables you double until they are only about 30 cm and then make 
a knot into the whole multiple strip.
long cables you have to roll up like a wheal would. The problem is 
that most wind them over the arm and thus twist them with every turn. 
The same goes for unrolling them: if you simply take the end of a 
nicely rolled cable and walk away, for each turn you will twist it 
once, and when its twisted, it becomes really dificult to roll it up 
right and its the twisted force that creates the "miscordation" 
phenomenon mentioned further up.
Then once they are rolled up, you can make a knot arround it with the 
outer end. Many have warned me saying that this kills the cable. I 
answer that in the last 20 years it did not kill one of mine. Maybe 
because I dont make the knot it exactly the same spot each time...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org