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Re: OT: Royer R121 - Opinions

--- Michael Clark <mcl451@airmail.net> wrote:

> I record live miced guitar cabs into Cubase.  Been using a Senn
> 421MKII.  I
> hear that the Royer R121 ribbon mic can/will produce a more full
> bodied
> sound.  Some people say it's way "better" than the Neumann TLM 103
> which I was considering.

The Royer is certainly way "different" then the TLM103. Which is
"better" really depends on what you're doing with the track and how you
like things to sound.

I haven't actually used the Royers, but I know an engineer who loves
them. His work certainly sounds good. I've read interviews with people
like Steve Albini who swore by Coles 4038s for electric guitars, so I'd
guess the Royer might give a similar (if not better) result.

I have used the TLM103 on guitar cabs and it works really well on some
amps (not all). You should be able to get a nice sound from your 421.
That's usually a good choice for a guitar cab.


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