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is it LIVE??? and room mikes and stuff.

...always look for that tell-tale "additional recording done at wally heider" liner entry on any 70's live rekkid. it lets you in on that either they added lots of extra clapping when the undersold shows were really blazing, or they um how shall i say this.... baked the clams?

back there a message or 4 or so there was some give and take about room miking and i didn't have the chance to read it thorough like, but my $.02 would be:

do you LIKE the way the room sounds? really listen to it. just cause you want a little air around your input does not always mean that the room - or the mic you mic the room with - holds the key.

but you might say, well the room sounds like a cross between a quonset hut and garbage bag AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY.  lo-fi junky that i am, i'd be right there with you. in which case you can do lots worse than even a cheap PZM. or be a real sport and treat yourself to 2 of them on opposite walls.


Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 14:31:36 -0500
"Nathan Bannow" <Nathan@giza.com>


" there is fairly well-founded scuttlebut that his last live trio cd had many many edits per tune to cobble together the "more perfect" solo. being the "jazz purist" that i am, i don't think that's really kosher for a "live" jazz disc - - especially if you have a rep as an improvisor. (but then i think pop bands like u2 doing "fixes" and sweetener on "live" albums blows too.)
stig "
I'm curious as to how much "sweetener" is required by management as opposed to the band themselves *wanting* to fix some glitches. Case in point: The Doors;
BACKSTAGE AND DANGEROUS: THE PRIVATE REHEARSAL. This was album is culled from one of those fixing dates. The idea was to leave all the gear set up after the show, and come back the next day. This way, the band could sound pretty much the same acoustically. However, the Doors didn't like the idea of altering the live album, and sabotaged the recording session. The result is a lot of fun to listen to, although it took 30 some odd years to be released to the public.