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Re: Bill Frisell in Austin, 04/28/02

fwiw-this is way bulbous-i brokeout my <EH16sec.dddl> last week and it
has(again)become part of my 'permanent'(relative term) rig.it is the most
unique box(and looper) i will ever play.

> About the EH: I'm guessing--but it was big, black and square (from the
> back).  Didn't get a great look at it.  Just looked at some pictures of 
> 16sec's from the web--Bill was probably using it.  Clunky, funky and a
> messy, messy sound.  Other devices: some sort of octave divider,
> TS-style-green distortion pedal.  The octaver was cool, 'cause he played
> entire chords through it and it didn't garble and wail like most will do.
> In fact, it's as if it shut itself off if it got too much harmonic 
> I didn't notice Bill franticly tapping it in and out.  Very cool.  All in
> all, though, it was just a great night with two great players, 
>regardless of
> gear.
> Lindsay
> sonic detritus:
> left of eliot
> http://leftofeliot.iuma.com
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> From:  Banjology [mailto:banjology@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 3:02 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: RE: Bill Frisell in Austin, 04/28/02
> Wow thats great,
> Yeah Bill is one heck of a player, and a really great
> guy. He doesn't really use the kleins much anymore.
> Its more or less tele's, his Gibson 446, or the
> Anderson archtops......and an acoustic here and there.
> I cant beleive he is using the EH 16 second delay
> again. Are you sure it wasn't his Digitech?....
> John
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