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RE: Bill Frisell in Austin, 04/28/02

About the EH: I'm guessing--but it was big, black and square (from the
back).  Didn't get a great look at it.  Just looked at some pictures of EH
16sec's from the web--Bill was probably using it.  Clunky, funky and a
messy, messy sound.  Other devices: some sort of octave divider,
TS-style-green distortion pedal.  The octaver was cool, 'cause he played
entire chords through it and it didn't garble and wail like most will do.
In fact, it's as if it shut itself off if it got too much harmonic 
I didn't notice Bill franticly tapping it in and out.  Very cool.  All in
all, though, it was just a great night with two great players, regardless 

sonic detritus:
left of eliot

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Sent:   Monday, April 29, 2002 3:02 PM
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Subject:        RE: Bill Frisell in Austin, 04/28/02

Wow thats great,
Yeah Bill is one heck of a player, and a really great
guy. He doesn't really use the kleins much anymore.
Its more or less tele's, his Gibson 446, or the
Anderson archtops......and an acoustic here and there.
I cant beleive he is using the EH 16 second delay
again. Are you sure it wasn't his Digitech?....


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