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Re: quick routing advice please

> hooking this into my mackie cfx 12 mixer, and i know a few of you have 
mixers so i
> figured i'd ask, what routing do you think would allow the most flexible
setup for changing
> around which looper is dominant and stuff like that?

I've got a mackie 1402, so it could be a little different.  It looks like
you're onto some good ideas with sends, and I'm assuming you're planning to
return to channel strips which gives you a lot of flexibility (don't turn 
their respective sends if you know what I mean...).    I recently came up
with a way to sqeeze one more stereo send from the board, using the control
room outs.  This'll work best if you don't need to use headphones:)  If you
use this as a stereo send, the solo buttons enable the send, and it can 
be pre or post faders which is nice.  It also has its own level control
which is also nice.  Just an idea to keep you on your toes.