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Re: behringer w/ repeater midi cc's and pc's?

Yes. I'm still having a problem using MIDI with the Repeater. I previously
had a relic Digitech MIDI pedal that was tedious to program and use. I 
blamed the Digitech. Yhen, I purchased a Fender Cyber-Twin MIDI pedal to 
with my CT. It can be used with any other MIDI device as well.

I'm confused, though. If I normally am playing a loop and want to go to the
next loop, I select the next loop (say loop #2) then press Play (after the
three-dot-thingy) and Loop #2 plays after loop one plays in its entirety.

With MIDI, I'm assuming I can do the same thing. I start playing a loop 
PC 2 (or PC 20) then enter a PC 4 (Loop Up). Then, I'm assuming I would
enter a PC 2 (or 20) again after the loop is staged ( I can see that the
loop is staged, but I can't get it to play). What's up with that? Is my 
impl. chart incorrect? If anyone can shed any light on the problem, it will
be appreciated.

Regards, Paul
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From: "Evan Meyers" <evanmeyers@yahoo.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 8:33 PM
Subject: behringer w/ repeater midi cc's and pc's?

> does anyone have a link to a correct midi
> implementation chart for the repeater using the
> behringer fcb1010?  i have the 1.1 os for repeater and
> the manual is off...not sure by how much, but if there
> is a up to date chart somewhere, i'd really appreciate
> a link...i couldn't find one.  also, are all of the
> face operations available via midi?  the chart in my
> repeater manual is missing some clutch
> operations/techniques.
> thanks for any help!
> e va n|s sa b
> evanmeyers@yahoo.com (wanna jam, live in NY?, email
> me!)
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