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Re: Looping is overrated :)

> >Let's face it, looping and looping tools  are pretty damn geeky  as a
> rule.
> why?  who defines that? is it to you?

As a matter of fact,  yes. :)

> not to me...it is interesting, cutting edge and exciting.

Well then, by definition, you are a geek.

OKAY Okay I'm JUST kidding folks.

Look my original post was all rambling and my personal opinion and all
that rot. I stand by it but I certainly didn't mean to step on anyone's
looping buzz nor do I exclude myself from being a "geek" or "looper" or
wanker or a Musician for that matter. Loopfests are great. Loops
concerts are great. Learning or moving with others is great.  Really. I
just wanted to differentiate between what I saw as something people do
VS something people feel they HAVE to do in order to be a "looper". IMO
you don't need to go somewhere or do anything other than start playing
and paying thousands of dollars to move or buy equipment or travel
somewhere is great but not at all necessary to a good loop time.

Since I seem to have come off wrong and it's not clear let me point out
I've been a looper/outsider/avant/experimental/whatever musician and
member of Loopers delight for more than a few years. I put out the first
Looper's Delight compilation (Still available at
Http://www.HelpWantedProductions.com/catalog.htm   - thank you very
much) and have run a label releasing dozens of underground experimental
albums for over ten years. I LIKE looping and I don't think there's
anything wrong with doing it under *any* circumstance.

But,  there is no bloody way in God's holy hell I am going to say that a
group of gear heads on the internet who discuss what kind of smart media
card is best for an Eletrix Repeater or how many seconds the DL4 can get
in true stereo or organize wildass and cool experimental concerts are
NOT a bunch of  geeks. :)  I personally rather enjoy it but c'mon, 90210
this ain't and that's not a bad thing either :)

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