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Re: Looping is overrated :)

O ye who are many,

Legion wrote:

> But,  there is no bloody way in God's holy hell I am going to say that a
> group of gear heads on the internet who discuss what kind of smart media
> card is best for an Eletrix Repeater or how many seconds the DL4 can get
> in true stereo or organize wildass and cool experimental concerts are
> NOT a bunch of  geeks. :)  

It's hard to argue when you put it that way.  But I'd also have to say
that gear lust and technical discussion generally bores the hell out of

I would LOVE to see more discussion about actual MUSIC on this list...
not obesessing over the sorts of tech minutae you mentioned, but
thinking about different ways to use these tools creatively, and
different approaches for doing so.  It's a drag that there isn't more of
that here (to me), but it's usually worth wading through the stuff that
doesn't interest me to find the occasional stuff that does.

And have you heard players like Steve Lawson, Ric Hordinski, or Hans
Lindauer?  These guys aren't particularly "experimental" by default in
terms of the genres of music they play (though they do some pretty
flipped out stuff strictly in a technical sense), but it's all great
music that I first heard at looping festivals.  So I have to take issue
with your assumption that a loopfest in an experimental music show.  

Hey Rick, there's your next project: 


It'd have to be held in LA, of course...  ;)

Tell me, Legion, since you've been on the list since waaaaay back: don't
you think the overall stylistic orientation of the list has diversified
and expanded quite a bit since '96?  

> I personally rather enjoy it but c'mon, 90210
> this ain't and that's not a bad thing either :)

You should have seen some of the... um, how should we put this...
"audience interaction" that took place at the first San Luis Obispo show
at the end of March.

Gimme three steps,

--Andre LaFosse