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Re: Looping is overrated :)

> > But,  there is no bloody way in God's holy hell I am going to say that 
> group of gear heads on the internet who discuss what kind of smart media
> card is best for an Eletrix Repeater or how many seconds the DL4 can get 
> in
> true stereo or organize wildass and cool experimental concerts are  NOT a
> bunch of  geeks. :)
> It's hard to argue when you put it that way.  But I'd also have to say 
> gear lust and technical discussion generally bores the hell out of me.

Fair enough.  See it *does* take all kinds... :)

> Hey Rick, there's your next project:

Hey, now *there's* an idea. Cool.

> Tell me, Legion, since you've been on the list since waaaaay back: don't 
> think the overall stylistic orientation of the list has diversified and
> expanded quite a bit since '96?

Dammit you're going to make me be serious a minute aren't you? First of all
there certainly have been people on here longer and in more substantive 
that me. That said IMO  the truth is there have *always* been serious and 
experimental loopers on the list and putting stuff out. The reason I jump
started the CD#1 was because I was blown away by the mix of songs and 
and didn't want to see that buried. In some cases it wasn't even clear that
people were using loops in the first place. I've played that CD for 
(who usually RUN from my office crying when i play them my choices in 
and they *LOVED* it. That is the power of the good loop.

As for the list then and now we  have people who exclusively loop acoustic
guitar or string instruments and then there are people who use turntables 
Kaoss pads. There's the geeky (sorry!)  Chapman stick or Roland guitar 
crowd (guilty!) and the you-wouldn't-know-it's-a-loop-if -it-hit-you
instrumentalists. There are men (mostly) women (certainly a few) young and 
loopers here form all over the world. Some people even come here and 
loopers but are just curious what it's all about. It's always been a pretty
healthy mix IMO and Kim is the best damn moderator I've seen on many an
internet list.

As technology has grown more tools are now available (remember when you
couldn't buy an EDP and the Jamman was discontinued?) but ironically I 
think that more or cheaper tools have actually made that much difference in
the music or the mix of genres. If anything I'd say the big change has 
to do with the styles and more to do with actually Getting OUT there and
looping (Loop shows, people posting their gigs, etc). That's always been
around too but it seems to be more and more now than before. And THAT is a
VERY good thing IMO.

David - Legion (for we are many) - Talento

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