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Re: Best Price on EDP?

Man - all these new companies are the same...  hiding behind some website 
and email addresses....  and don't get me started on paypal!  I liked it 
in the good 'ol days when you sent cash wrapped in paper through the mail 
- real mail, real cash - physical mail - none of this bits, bytes and 
internet stuff.  yeah, those were the days :)

You'd think Aurisis would have someone on the list - if only to steal 
ideas for future upgrades!

But I guess all EDP users are lucky that Aurisis didn't go the way of 
Electros Inc and the Againinator.

At 12:25 PM 2002/10/16 -0700, nicholson_matt wrote:
>Their customer service isn't so hot, you gotta pay by PayPal at best and 
>they don't send you an e-mail confirmation of your order but they say 
>their operation is tiny.