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Re: Frisell -> essential loop recordings

I would say the first albums that I heard Frisell, which educated me on the use of looping in the context of group improvisation, would be _News For Lulu_ and _More News For Lulu_, both featuring Frisell, John Zorn, and George Lewis recasting bebop standards within a guitar/sax/trombone trio format.  Can't recall what specific tracks he looped on.
Actually, the very first time I saw/heard of Frisell was on David Sanborn's _Sunday Night_ TV program, which came on after Saturday Night Live for an all-too-brief period of the late 80s.  Don't recall if he used looping there.

Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:
Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with much of Frisell's work. It's been
on my to-listen list for ages but somehow hasn't ever made it to the top.
In fact, interestingly, the only album I own with him on it is John Zorn's
"Naked City"! I haven't listened to that in years, so I just put it on. Do
you remember particular tracks where his use of loops stood out? (I know, I
could just keep listening, but I'm lazy.)

Any other Frisell albums that stand out, where his use of looping made an


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