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SV: where to compress?

>> compression is great because it brings out the quieter
>> notes and limits the louder smashed notes.  and with
>> filter effects, you can get extreme volume jumps which
>> suck in a loop.

> so evan, are you saying that a compressor put after a filter fx 
> (electrix filter factory) will tame the effect from 
> those awful volume changes.....now that would be wonderful.....michael

That's why I put my RNC compressor after my Akai MFC42 filter. I use to
trim the compressor settings so that any instrument I'm playing live
will push back the loop a little in voume. This way you get a dynamic
feel when playing phrases on top of a loop. I even put my reverb before
the the compressor to get this beautifully big room to sparse music,
since the compressor is lifting the reverb between the notes (played or

Best wishes

Per Boysen