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Re: where to compress?

Evan Meyers wrote:
> hi all, just looking for some opinions on where is the
> best place in my chain to compress.  i am using a bass
> through a mini Q-tron > moogerfooger MF101 > TS9 (tube
> screamer) > volume pedal > 2 repeaters.  
> i was thinking that compression would be best after
> the MF101 since the 101 and Q-tron are dynamic
> sensitive effects.  i've been playing around with the
> chain, but was just looking for some ideas or
> suggestions.

Here is  very nice comparison of various good pedal compressors:


A very general effect placement rule is: sound source (guitar/bass/etc.) 
-> filter effects (wah-wahs, envelope followers, etc.) -> compressors -> 
overdrives/distortion/fuzz --> modulation (chorus/flange) --> volume 
pedal --> delays/loopers --> reverb --> amplification

If you are using parallel effects loops, like a mixer, it's also common 
to put the delays/loopers in the fx loop and then everything out to the 
amp(s). I find that ring modulators and tremelos can go just about 
anywhere in the effects chain.

Now, I actually use a slightly different setup for my boxes, which is:

Guitar -> Whammy -> Q-Tron -> MoogerFooger Ring Modulator -> Killer Wail 
wah -> Dyna-Comp -> Varidrive -> V-Twin -> George Dennis Volume/Tremelo 
-> DL4 #1 -> MM4 -> DL4 #2 ->

-> Fender Dual Showman Reverb amp


-> Laney LC 15R amp -> THD Hot Plate -> Echo Pro -> ADA MicroCab -> 
Alesis QuadraVerb -> Mixer