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Re: Drum & Bass (was Re: Andre LaFosse -> essential looprecordings)

Yeah. You've got a point. It was just that all of the arguments about how
one shouldn't call a particular variety of music "Live Looping" lest it 
to exclude other uses of looping devices came flooding back to me as I saw
Kim's reference to "Drum & Bass", a style that excludes plenty of other 
of drums and basses. Personally, I just feel that "live looping" isn't
particularly catchy as a name.


on 7/1/03 10:36 AM, Claude Voit at c.voit@vtx.ch wrote:

> noooo notagaiiiiiine
> now that T B has Unsub we deserve a small period of calm on the list
> dont you think...
> please...
> mmm ?
> :=)
> Claude