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Line Mixers/MIDI Controllers

Hey LD,

it's been awhile since i've been here.  i have some questions and thought 
would come and ask the most technologically advanced minds on the internet.

i am using an EDP/TC Gmajor/Vortex/roland GR30 synth (sometimes GR33)/and 
power amp w/a sans amp psa 1 or line 6 pod xt (not really sure about the 

i want to mix these and loop you know, while playing guitar through.  i 
would also like to have the capability to bring in a drum machine or a 
mic if needed too.

the units that i am trying to choose between are the RANE SM 82 and SAMSON 
PL1602.  does anyone on the list have any experience with either?  the 
(1 space) is $449 and an older design while the SAMSON (2 space) i can get 
from the local music store for $200 and is a new design.  i am mostly 
concerned by tone/sound/noise and flexibility.  i have already tried 
mixers and i just can't deal with them.  i know there are racks that allow 
them to be wired without any further tweaking, but the rackmount is the 
to go for me.  any suggestions on the units?

does anyone have a digitech PMC-10 for sale, or know where to get one?  i 
have a FCB 1010 and just can't get it going on with the EDP.  i am not 
well versed w/MIDI to begin with though.  mostly operator error.  anyway 
good to be back.  have a great day.

-matt wiley

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