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Re: Line Mixers/MIDI Controllers

Matthew Wiley wrote:
> the units that i am trying to choose between are the RANE SM 82 and 
> SAMSON PL1602.  does anyone on the list have any experience with 
> either?  the RANE (1 space) is $449 and an older design while the SAMSON 
> (2 space) i can get from the local music store for $200 and is a new 
> design.  i am mostly concerned by tone/sound/noise and flexibility.  i 
> have already tried console mixers and i just can't deal with them.  i 
> know there are racks that allow them to be wired without any further 
> tweaking, but the rackmount is the way to go for me.  any suggestions on 
> the units?

I owned a RANE SM82 a couple of years back and wish I hadn't sold it. 
It was CLEAN.  Pristine clean.  Compared to my Mackie 1604 and a decent 
stereo pre-amp, the RANE beat them both, hands down (when ABing a line 
input like a CD player).  Even though the RANE only had one effect send, 
by panning channels, I was able to use it as two independent sends.