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Re: hummer !

> help! the recording of the very nice Berlin Livelooping evening (july 
>  2003) is flawed by a loud hum ...
>  does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of it? of course it is 
>not a
>  simple hum but something that covers many frequencies and that has a 
>  ... simple filters or denoising algorithms won't be enough I think ...
>  is there a software (if possible, for pc) that could handle this?
>  here's an example: http://www.michaelpeters.de/temp/
>  -michael peters

Cool Edit Pro would be your best bet.
If you have a recording of just the noise on it's own
(a few seconds), then 
you can use the noise reduction FX to kill it.

Otherwise CEP has some very good filters that could be 
set to take out each of the harmonics in turn (they have a preset
for 60Hz hum)

andy butler