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Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

--- Paul Sanders <paul_sanders@adelphia.net> wrote:

> I picked up a Behringer FCB1010 and was working on programming it. What a
> pain.

It's easy once you understand the way the thing works. 

> The thing I notice is that it has "presets" that apparently fire off midi
> commands when you enter the preset.

Right, one per button, with 10 banks of buttons. 

> What I had in mind is a foot controller that I can easily program the
> switches to send the appropriat program change/control change messages to
> record enable, record, mute, etc. different tracks on the repeater. For 
> purposes the Behringer seems all wrong.

Nope, the Behringer will do exactly what you need. I'm using one with my 
and am fully happy with it.

> Though this may be yet another perspective thing on my part. I've read 
> of Repeater users use the Behringer. Are they doing something different 
> me?

Probably not, they've just figured out how the FCB1010 works.
> The Behringer appears to be set where all the buttons represent certain
> types of midi messages. In other words, you can't program button 1 to do 
> control change message, it's fixed at program change.

In PROGRAMMING MODE, button 1 selects the first PC in the set. The FCB1010 
two modes, normal mode, which sends whatever is programmed in the preset 
when you
step on the switch to select it, and programming mode, where you define 
what's in
the preset. Each preset is comprised of a "package", a fixed group of 
note MIDI functions to be sent together when it's selected (and you can 
also make
assignments for the 2 CC pedals and the operation of the switching jacks). 
of a preset as a container with 10 little slots in it. You can either put
something in each of the slots or not, but the slots are always there 
whether you
use 'em or not.

The package of midi cmds in a preset looks like this:

PC#1/PC#2/PC#3/PC#4/PC#5/CC#1/CC#2/Assignment for EXP 1 & 2/Note

It's preprogrammed by Behringer to control one of their amps & a Vamp, 
on what bank you select, so for example, a preset might do something like:


To reprogram this, you'd go into programming mode, select pedal 1 for PC#1,
change the PC value it's going to send, confirm that, select pedal 2 for 
change it's value, confirm that, etc etc, then save the changes. It's 
really not

What appears to be confusing is that the manual doesn't explain how or why 
works, it just gives a couple of "cookbook style" examples. Press this, 
that, press the other, long press, short press, look for this light, etc. 
through the examples! Once you've done this a time or two, it'll be clear 
to you.

Also, look through the list archives at loopers-delight.com, and through 
Yahoogroup repeater-users for very specific information about how to 
program it
for use with a Repeater. This has been discussed extensively in the past.
> I may just be confused, but I spent the afternoon sorting through this.
> Am I off base here?

Yes. The way the manual is written, you will probably never understand it 
you DO it.
> What controllers would you all recommend?

I thing the FCB1010 is an excellent midi foot controller for use with the
Repeater. Like I say, I've been -very happy- with mine.

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