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Programming FCB1010 WAS: Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Greg House" <ghunicycle@yahoo.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 1:59 PM
Subject: Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

> --- Paul Sanders <paul_sanders@adelphia.net> wrote:
> .
> > The Behringer appears to be set where all the buttons represent certain
> > types of midi messages. In other words, you can't program button 1 to 
> > control change message, it's fixed at program change.
> In PROGRAMMING MODE, button 1 selects the first PC in the set. The 
> two modes, normal mode, which sends whatever is programmed in the preset
when you
> step on the switch to select it, and programming mode, where you define
what's in
> the preset. Each preset is comprised of a "package", a fixed group of
> note MIDI functions to be sent together when it's selected (and you can
also make
> assignments for the 2 CC pedals and the operation of the switching 
> of a preset as a container with 10 little slots in it. You can either put
> something in each of the slots or not, but the slots are always there
whether you
> use 'em or not.

I've discovered most of what you say here by futzing with it for a while
yesterday and last night.

What I'm still foggy on is how to switch between "NORMAL mode" and

When I power the thing up (without holding the "Down" button) I'm in normal
mode, right? Is programming mode the mode when I hold down the "Down" 
after selecting a preset?

Are you suggesting that I run the unit in this mode? I was under the
impression it's just for programming the presets. Here's what I've been
doing with it...

Now, I've set the thing in the mode where I program the presets by holding
down the "Down" botton for  2-3 seconds, but my understanding is that is 
I get to where I can set the balues of the PC/CC/etc for the preset itself.
Once I leave that mode, if I step on a button I'm back to selecting that
preset within that bank, and that's not what I set out to do.

I figure I can have different presets set up to put the Repeater in
different states, but that seems obscure to me.

I want to step on a button to tell it to play, another button to tell it to
record, and another button to tell it to mute track 2, etc. When I power 
thing up though, when I step on a button, I'm selecting a preset, not
sending just that single control message, unless of course I have the 
set up to send only that single control message, which seems wasteful to 
Is that how I have to do it though?

I'm getting closer, but there's still something I'm missing. I've been
digging through the fcb1010 archives too. Seems there are a lot of 
perspectives, but none that are yet clearing things up for me.

> The package of midi cmds in a preset looks like this:
> PC#1/PC#2/PC#3/PC#4/PC#5/CC#1/CC#2/Assignment for EXP 1 & 2/Note
> It's preprogrammed by Behringer to control one of their amps & a Vamp,
> on what bank you select, so for example, a preset might do something 
> PC=31/PC=48/blank/blank/blank/blank/blank/EXP1=CC10/EXP2=CC11/blank
> To reprogram this, you'd go into programming mode, select pedal 1 for
> change the PC value it's going to send, confirm that, select pedal 2 for
> change it's value, confirm that, etc etc, then save the changes. It's
really not
> difficult.
> What appears to be confusing is that the manual doesn't explain how or 
> works, it just gives a couple of "cookbook style" examples. Press this,
> that, press the other, long press, short press, look for this light, etc.
> through the examples! Once you've done this a time or two, it'll be clear
to you.
> Also, look through the list archives at loopers-delight.com, and through
> Yahoogroup repeater-users for very specific information about how to
program it
> for use with a Repeater. This has been discussed extensively in the past.
> > I may just be confused, but I spent the afternoon sorting through this.
> > Am I off base here?
> Yes. The way the manual is written, you will probably never understand it
> you DO it.
> > What controllers would you all recommend?
> I thing the FCB1010 is an excellent midi foot controller for use with the
> Repeater. Like I say, I've been -very happy- with mine.
> Greg
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