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Re: Programming FCB1010 WAS: Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

--- Paul Sanders <paul_sanders@adelphia.net> wrote:

> What I'm still foggy on is how to switch between "NORMAL mode" and
> When I power the thing up (without holding the "Down" button) I'm in 
> mode, right? Is programming mode the mode when I hold down the "Down" 
> after selecting a preset?

Yes, that's where you program it.

> Are you suggesting that I run the unit in this mode? 


> Now, I've set the thing in the mode where I program the presets by 
> down the "Down" botton for  2-3 seconds, but my understanding is that is 
> I get to where I can set the balues of the PC/CC/etc for the preset 
> Once I leave that mode, if I step on a button I'm back to selecting that
> preset within that bank, and that's not what I set out to do.

Why isn't that what you set out to do? I don't understand. The objective 
is to
get the controller to send the desired midi messgaes to the device you're
controlling. You do that by stepping on one of the buttons you've 
programmed to
invoke that preset, sending whatever midi commands it contains.

> I figure I can have different presets set up to put the Repeater in
> different states, but that seems obscure to me.
> I want to step on a button to tell it to play, another button to tell it 
> record, and another button to tell it to mute track 2, etc. When I power 
> thing up though, when I step on a button, I'm selecting a preset, not
> sending just that single control message, unless of course I have the 
> set up to send only that single control message, which seems wasteful to 
> Is that how I have to do it though?

Yeah. The preset contains those items, whether you use 'em or not. In lingo
you're more familiar with, a TCP packet has a bunch of slots in it for 
that may or may not be present. The space is there if you need it, it's 
if you don't. The FCB1010 is the same idea. They present you a simple data
structure that has space for 5 PC msgs, 2 fixed CC msgs, one note-on, and 
assignment of 2 expression pedals and two analog switches. You fill in 
what you
need (and erase what you don't need from their product-specific default

Basically, as near as I can tell, the designers made it easier for 
themselves to
code to the hardware at the expense of the user interface. Perhaps such a 
architecture helps with latancy issues (how long it takes to send the midi
commands after you press the button), I don't know. I have read how some 
controllers have significant lags between when you press the switch to 
when the
command is actually sent.

> I'm getting closer, but there's still something I'm missing. I've been
> digging through the fcb1010 archives too. Seems there are a lot of 
> perspectives, but none that are yet clearing things up for me.

You just have to do it. It'll become clear, trust me.


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