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RE: MIDI Foot controllers?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul Sanders  

> The Behringer appears to be set where all the buttons 
> represent certain types of midi messages. In other words, you 
> can't program button 1 to do a control change message, it's 
> fixed at program change.

Hey, you are missing one important aspect here! The FCB manual is
talking about "MIDI functions" which is NOT the same as the BUTTONS. You
can actually program BUTTON 1 to do a control change msg! Simply set
BUTTON 1 to send MIDI FUNCTION 6 (which is, for the programming,
represented by BUTTTON 6). Once you get the hang of this the FCB is easy
to program - but oh so slow.

--> The MIDI functions are set globally in the global meny (get there by
holding down the down arrow button while powering up)
--> The bank and button programming is reached by holding down the arrow
button while the FCB is already powered up.

All the best