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Re: Bassloop,the CD.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Alex Stahl" <alex@pixar.com>
> I like the "made in real-time" distinction somewhat more than the
> "bass only" constraint, partially because I just got a new Roland
> GI-20 pitch-to-midi converter and am having fun layering Korg Z1
> sounds over the bass and might want to feel free to use that.

Hi Alex,

How do you like the GI-20?  (I assume it requires a GK-2B pickup?)  I have 
old GM-70/GK-1 that is slow to track lower notes on my guitar due to the 
of lower pitches having longer wavelengths.  Has the software algorithms
improved to the point where the GI-20 can actually track well on a bass?