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Re: Bassloop,the CD.

I'd be doing a solo real-time bass-only track although with any luck 
it won't sound like it.

I like the "made in real-time" distinction somewhat more than the 
"bass only" constraint, partially because I just got a new Roland 
GI-20 pitch-to-midi converter and am having fun layering Korg Z1 
sounds over the bass and might want to feel free to use that. Since 
all fingers involved are only touching bass strings, I'd suggest it's 
all still bass, but at some point it's hard to say and I won't 

btw, I was camping in Yosemite last week. I brought my recording 
gear, laptops and some small instruments with hopes of doing some 
LocationLooping. First it was incredibly noisy in the park, then my 
van broke down and is now in a shop near, of all places, Bass Lake. 
If the timing works out, I'll take my bass with me when I go to pick 
up the van and record there...



>So,We have a wonderful list of contributers.And I'm very excited to
>hear everyones work.The "problem" is that with 19 people we would all be
>limited to a little over 3 minutes...So how would people feel about a
>Volume I "plays well alone" -limited to solo bass created in real
>time.-and Volume II "plays well with others"-other musicians,drum
>machines,overdubs,computers, etc-???!!!
>  I'm not sure this would result in an even division of our talents but,I
>suspect it will..
>I need to know if;
>1. This sounds good to everyone
>2.If you are more into doing a track for I or II
>  (I have thought of other options,so has Dave Talento, and this seems to
>be the most inclusive and potentially interesting to bassists and
>loopists.I guese we'll see how this works out)
>  > 1.Max Valentino
>>  > 2.Dan Soltzberg
>>  > 3.Alex Stahl
>>  > 4.Rick Walker
>>  > 5.Cameron Street
>>  > 6.Duncan Goddard
>>  > 7.Jeese Ray Lucas
>>  > 8.me
>>  > 9.Doug @ jumpcut ?
>>  > 10.Evan Meyers
>>  > 11.Jair Rohm Packer Wells
>>  > 12.OJ
>>  > 13.Gregory Bruce Campbell
>>  > 14.Chris Filber
>>  > 15.Weg
>>  > 16.Steve Lawson
>>  > 17.Mark Christiansen
>>  > 18.Dave Trenkel
>     19.David Talento