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Re: Bass Harmonizers

--- Eric Williamson <erwill@suitandtieguy.com> wrote:
> > i know a dub bassist from Kansas City who gets an
> amazing tone from 
> that thing ... he runs his bass into a crossover and
> the low end goes 
> into the DBX and the high end goes into an
> envelope-following wah.

Yeah, Bill Laswell reputedly swears by his 120X for
that 30Hz dubby thing, but I'm not sure how well it'd
work for this cellist, since she's not going to be
using great huge subbass bins.

Hmmm, I think it was also in a Laswell interview that
I read about using an envelope follower set so it
doesn't actually 'punch' through the threshold but
just provides a low-end filtery movement that he


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