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Re: Bass Harmonizers

I use that Boss OC-2 pedal for my bass.  It's one of the best-tracking and
warmest-sounding octave dividers I've encountered.  Some of those other 
sound too digital and sterile to me.  I like the artifacts you get when you
just turn on the second octave and turn down the original signal.  As the
notes decay you get some neat little warm, fuzzy, musical glitches as the
pitch shifter loses the input signal.

The other thing that I have seen used to do some really cool stuff is the
Digitech Whammy (or Whammy 2, or whatever) pedal.  I played in a band that
opened for the Jazz Mandolin Project out here at Mishawaka and the bass
player from JMP (who was playing double bass, incidentally) was using the
Whammy to do all these cool synth bass techno-ish house-ish bass drops in
rhythm.  I want to get one of those things, but they're on the pricey side,
and I'm not currently living on that side of the fence.

That's all I've got to say on that.  Oh, and the realtime pitch shifting on
the Yamaha A5000 sucks goat nads.


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> Medic! medic! I thought that sub-octave-synthesis-for-cello thread died
> awful quick.