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RE: Programming FCB1010 WAS: Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul Sanders [mailto:paul_sanders@adelphia.net] 
> Here is how I WANTED it to work, followed by how I now 
> understand it to
> work:
> If I want to have *button 1* send a single CC message, I have 
> to program preset 1 to disable all other buttons except for 
> one of the CC buttons (switch number 6 or 7 IIRC).
> I guess the end result is the same, just a round about way to 
> get where I want IMO. But, for a little over $100, I guess 
> one can't complain.
> Does this now sound like I have the right idea?

That's it! Keep it up ;-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen