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Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

"If you have a Behringer product to control with it... Otherwise you have 
clear out any of their pre-programming, or it'll likely make your device do
something weird and unexpected."

exactly.  i was being sarcastic about thanking behringer...

"I'm not sure what you mean, Jim. Each preset can send two fixed CC msgs
with values, in addition to setting the expression pedals to send 
values. Now, each preset can only send two CC fixed values, and the midi
channel for each cc "slot" is globally assigned, limiting it's flexability
controlling multiple devices, so it might not be the best for everyone's
rig. It works great with a single repeater though."

that's the problem...the cc's are fixed.  i have to use notes with my edp
because there are two other midi devices connected.  now the only problem 
turning the notes off with the beatbox...right now, i'm getting a snare hit
everytime i hit "record" and a tom every time i multiply.  not cool at all.

"Nothing else in that price range even comes close
to the functionality this thing has, they're all unprogrammable, flimsy, 
extremely limited."

right-o...but i would consider the fcb limited as well, but for the money
it's a great device and you're right about nothing in the price range even
coming close.  it's still a pain to program (the manual sucks and it comes
pre-programmed, which is just extra work) and has a few limitations that
really get in the way, for me at least.  nonetheless, i'm keeping mine.