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Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

--- jimfowler <jimfowler@prodigy.net> wrote:

> "I'm not sure what you mean, Jim. Each preset can send two fixed CC msgs
> with values, in addition to setting the expression pedals to send 
> cc
> values. Now, each preset can only send two CC fixed values, and the midi
> channel for each cc "slot" is globally assigned, limiting it's 
> when
> controlling multiple devices, so it might not be the best for everyone's
> rig. It works great with a single repeater though."
> that's the problem...the cc's are fixed.  i have to use notes with my edp
> because there are two other midi devices connected.  now the only 
>problem is
> turning the notes off with the beatbox...right now, i'm getting a snare 
> everytime i hit "record" and a tom every time i multiply.  not cool at 

Yeah, I understand now. It seems to me that the FCB does best when it only 
one device to control. Can you change the MIDI channel of your beatbox to 
those note-on msgs from triggering it?

> right-o...but i would consider the fcb limited as well, but for the money
> it's a great device and you're right about nothing in the price range 
> coming close.  it's still a pain to program (the manual sucks and it 
> pre-programmed, which is just extra work) and has a few limitations that
> really get in the way, for me at least.  nonetheless, i'm keeping mine.

Same here. In fact, if I got more devices that needed midi control, I'd 
consider getting a 2nd one instead of replacing it with a bigger/better 
unit that
would easily control both together.

To me, the programming is pretty easy. Took a little while to understand 
paradigm, but once you get past that, it's straightforward.


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