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Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

"Can you change the MIDI channel of your beatbox to keep those note-on msgs
from triggering it?"

haven't looked into it just yet, but i the fcb controls the edp, which in
turn controls the drum machine.  unless the edp can send midi clock on a
seperate channel (or if it's global), i think i'm stuck.  i should be able
to limit the incoming midi at the drum machine.

"In fact, if I got more devices that needed midi control, I'd probably
consider getting a 2nd one instead of replacing it with a bigger/better 
that would easily control both together."

if you ever do decide to go bigger/better, the all access is tops in my

"To me, the programming is pretty easy. Took a little while to understand
it's paradigm, but once you get past that, it's straightforward."

yep, once you get the hang of things...but having programmed too many
devices to list, i'd have to say that the fcb and my old roland jv-1080 
the most difficult to program...terrible interfaces and even worse manuals.