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My two cents and a question for all concerning mixers--was re:MIDI Foot controllers?

Hello all, after a few years off, I'm back. LOL

If you think about it, all the talk about manuals makes sense. Most
companies are producing their technical writing on computers, so it
isn't a hassle to convert to a PDF and upload to a website. To convert a
manual, on the other hand, takes hours and people. Additionally,
bandwidth costs money. Imagine how much money it would cost Roland to
have all the 'legacy' product manuals online! Personally, I'd rather pay
less for the products!

We're currently working on a compact mixer, one or two rack spaces,
designing with the looping community in mind. Obviously running MOST FX
in parallel is preferred and we are taking this into consideration. I
have a few questions for the group:

First, in a perfect world, what would you fantasy mixer be able to do?
(please keep your lewd thoughts and comments to yourself)

Second, in the real world, what would you be willing to pay for such a

We have concerns about quality/reliability and prefer to use the best
components rather than make an inferior product. I know the looping
community is growing, but is still a smaller portion of the market. As
such, developing a product for said market can be expensive, but we are
committed to the task. Please keep this in mind when you consider what
you would pay for a 'dream mixer'.

We'll have a naming contest in the future, probably long after we hammer
out the features contained in the mixer.

This should be fun!!

Will Brake
Soul Fruit Electronics

-----Original Message-----
From: Greg House [mailto:ghunicycle@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 12:08 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

--- Paul Sanders <paul_sanders@adelphia.net> wrote:

> Yeah. My Roland SPD-S manual really blows. 

Haha! It's a ROLAND manual! They're notoriously bad. I haven't seen a
recent one,
but the old ones were so poorly translated that it was hilarious to try
and read
them. You'd think a company with that much resources could afford to
hire at
least one person who was FLUENT in the languages involved (at least in
primary world languages).

> The other thing that irritates the hell out of me about Roland is they
> make the manuals available online. Makes researching capabilities
> difficult!

Yes, that's bothered me too. I think it's because they want to charge
you a lot
for replacement print copies. Something like $20 for a little thin
manual last
time I checked. I love companies like Line 6 that put all their docs
online (and
updates as well).


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