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adrenalinn storage problem


Forgive me if this is an obvious one, but is there any sort of "write protection" on this unit that was perhaps accidently turned on?


On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 09:00 AM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

been away for a few days and missed a few posts. for those of you interested in contributing to the bassloops compilation, yes I am still happy to do the compilation-mastering and I even have some ideas for the artwork, aswell as the wherewithal to produce same and get the whole shebang packaged and manufactured.

as far as duration and delivery mechanism- how long of a piece you submit would depend to some degree on how many folks want to be a part of this, though I'd suggest something around 8 minutes as the absolute maximum. I can deal with most formats, but cd-r is probably easy for the majority. the sequencing of the album is a tricky bit... would we be placed alphabetically? in order of age? open to suggestions.

now then. does anybody else have an adrenalinn? mine, with which I'm otherwise very happy, has developed a fault wherein it will not store edited presets. it used to.... and now it doesn't.

I can edit presets, both factory and user, but when I store them to a user-location and switch away, I discover that the user preset has reverted to whatever was in there before. the thing beeps through it's main-output when a store operation has happened, and it still does that, but the store operation obviously isn't happening.

I have tried an init, which just overwrites the user memories with the corresponding factory presets, and this didn't take, either. so I'm stuck with a handful of my presets I made when it was still working properly.

I just wanted to see if anyone on the list had encountered this- I shall be writing to roger in a couple of days.

(based in london, for those of you poised with cds and jiffy-bags; mail me off-list for an address)


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