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Re: adrenalinn storage problem

It's tricky, you've got to press the button and press it again or  
something... if you haven't heard a little "beep" then it hasn't saved.  
  I remember it being tricky.  I don't have one any longer so that's all  
I know.  Keep pressing buttons until it does what you need.


On Thursday, January 1, 1970, at 04:20  AM, Mark Landman wrote:

> Duncan-
> Forgive me if this is an obvious one, but is there any sort of "write  
> protection" on this unit that was perhaps accidently turned on?
> Mark
> On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 09:00 AM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com  
> wrote:
>> chaps-
>> been away for a few days and missed a few posts. for those of you  
>> interested in contributing to the bassloops compilation, yes I am  
>> still happy to do the compilation-mastering and I even have some  
>> ideas for the artwork, aswell as the wherewithal to produce same and  
>> get the whole shebang packaged and manufactured.
>> as far as duration and delivery mechanism- how long of a piece you  
>> submit would depend to some degree on how many folks want to be a  
>> part of this, though I'd suggest something around 8 minutes as the  
>> absolute maximum. I can deal with most formats, but cd-r is probably  
>> easy for the majority. the sequencing of the album is a tricky bit...  
>> would we be placed alphabetically? in order of age? open to  
>> suggestions.
>> now then. does anybody else have an adrenalinn? mine, with which I'm  
>> otherwise very happy, has developed a fault wherein it will not store  
>> edited presets. it used to.... and now it doesn't.
>> I can edit presets, both factory and user, but when I store them to a  
>> user-location and switch away, I discover that the user preset has  
>> reverted to whatever was in there before. the thing beeps through  
>> it's main-output when a store operation has happened, and it still  
>> does that, but the store operation obviously isn't happening.
>> I have tried an init, which just overwrites the user memories with  
>> the corresponding factory presets, and this didn't take, either. so  
>> I'm stuck with a handful of my presets I made when it was still  
>> working properly.
>> I just wanted to see if anyone on the list had encountered this- I  
>> shall be writing to roger in a couple of days.
>> duncan
>> (based in london, for those of you poised with cds and jiffy-bags;  
>> mail me off-list for an address)
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