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Re: In search of Jim Mahoney...

Our big discovery in Berlin is Michael Schiefel  (schiefel.de)
He does all kinds of voices and instruments, is very fast, clever 
with the use of two EDPs, controlled by a keyboard, and still does a 
humorous show, mainly miming the instruments he imitates.

Jim told me last time I met him, that he now tries to arrange all he 
learned by looping, so he somehow "grew out" of live looping after 10 
years... I wonder what comes out...

>I'm new to the loopers-delight list, but I've been searching through the
>archives soaking up all I can for the past few weeks.  There's some
>great stuff in here! Thanks to all that keep this community alive and
>I also wanted to ask if anybody knows anything more about Jim Mahoney
>(last mentioned on post
>Apparently a few years ago he was doing a solo vocal show with an EDP?
>I am solo vocal act working without one for the moment, but I'm about to
>make the leap.  I'd love to learn about what others have done before.
>Can anybody direct me to any CDs, samples, or contact info that I might
>find useful (for Jim or other looping vocalists in general)? Thanks!
>Sam Rogers
>One Mouth Band


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org