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Re: My two cents and a question for all concerning mixers

>On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 09:46  AM, Gene Ehrbar wrote:
>> So, it basically sounds like I'm describing a simple rack-mounted line
>> mixer.  It looks like Behringer just introduced one of these:
), but I've heard some not-nice stories about the 
>> build
>> quality of their units -- anyone care to share?
Mark wrote: >I've got a Behringer V-amp, 12 channel audio mixer, and 
>controller and I've found them all to be of high quality for the money. 

Yes me to, I've had n original Composer for years + a patchbay, MX802A 
dynamic mic, DI box and feedback distroyer - for the money I'm pleased with
of them and the mixer's build quality is very solid.