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footswitchable series/parallel signal routing schemes

I've been trying to come up with a simple way to route
a couple of loopers so that one footswitch will select
between running them in parallel, each with their own
output destination, and with running them in series,
one (a Headrush) cascaded into another (an RC-20), but
so far my experiments have been pretty frustrating.

I find both arrangements equally musically useful, but
in different ways. With separate signals, I can do
fades, post-process the loops differently, etc., while
in series I can do a sort of poor man's 'multiply'
where several reiterations of a short Headrush loop
can be resampled into the RC-20 as the bottom layer of
a much longer loop. It's just not practical to change
all the patch cords to do *both* of these in the same
performance, let alone in the course of the same tune.

I'm not able to buy anything in the neighborhood of a
$witchblade, and have been trying to do this with A/B
boxes and splitters.

Any suggestions?


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