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Re: footswitchable series/parallel signal routing schemes

In a message dated 7/10/03 9:45:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, psychle62@yahoo.com writes:

you have
to adjust your playing to the equipment you're using.

what i do is start with the shortest loop time, electrix MO-FX.....i dont know the length of time you get with the delay but its not much.....i often use the three 5 sec loops you get with the zoom 2100 to input sounds into the MO-FX.....i then send that loop into the rang and (in EDP talk i would assume "multiply" it, how i drool for this capability) and then i have a long loop over which whatever i put into the MO will be in sync with the rang and itself.....if it all starts to get out of hand just feedback down on either the MO or the rang, get rid of stuff and still be in sync because the MO set the time.....i've been wondering, with all the shows going on in EUROPE, how did you all sync up? or was it one big BROTHER SYNC ORGY?.....i havent set up my kit since my last gig (the art event), im doing this to force myself to refinish the studio, clean/paint/carpet.....IM GOING NUTS, i normally loop every day sometimes for hours on end and here i've gone close to 2 weeks, its worse than quitting cigaretts.....seriously!.....:).....michael
p.s......at one point several years ago i started to write on my studio walls with "sharpies" : phone numbers, chord changes etc.....im repainting it a somewhat dark brown and the writings still bleed through.....BEWARE its like a hard drive, nothing disappers.....im sorry, i can't go loop.....:)