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RE: footswitchable series/parallel signal routing schemes

Hello all,

Some things to remember concerning y-cords, series/parallel routing and

I realize that many of you are constrained by budget. It sours the fire
of many a gifted musician, and I fully empathize with you! While I have
yet to find/make the perfect solution, I feel it necessary to point out
a few things, many of you may already be aware, bear with me.

In most instances, using a y-cable to split your signal will degrade the
quality of the signal, causing signal loss. You can even have a phasing
issue in rare cases. (Mu-Tron anyone?) A better solution is an active
splitter. They buffer the signal so there is no loss and I've yet to see
a phasing issue when using one. 

The parallel routing of FX/loops is obviously the preferred method,
allowing each device to be tweaked for gain and tone, and usually better
sound quality. A few things to remember about running signals in series
are phasing (oh, again?), noise and gain structure. The noise factor is

I've had many clients come in complaining about signal loss, noise
issues and such. Many times the issue falls on a phasing problem or
improper gain structuring.

The original question about signal routing is a problem we are all
trying to solve without breaking the bank. Going back to my question
about the ideal mixer, isn't signal routing a major feature that you
can't seem to find on a compact mixer? While the new Behringer offering
looks like an affordable piece, it is extremely limited in the features

I think footswitch control over routing options is required for most
loopers. In fact, the ultimate mixer would probably include stereo VCA's
that could be pedal controlled as well. VCA's so you don't have to
you're your signal path all over the floor. Short cable runs are
quieter. While we're at it, who is mixing a live set in stereo? Foot
control for pan anyone?

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the response to the
ultimate mixer question I posted. Isn't there anyone that wants hassle
free control over their live remix?

Will Brake
Soul Fruit Electronics