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Re: OT: Zoom 2100 for sale

On 10 Jul 2003 at 9:29, Daryl wrote:

> Anyone want my Zoom 2100?  Works perfectly, great condition, in
> original box w/power supply, patch reference card, manual.  32 seconds
> max loop time, 

That's only loops recorded from a CD or suchlike - live guitar loops are 
limited(!) to 10 seconds. It's a great beast & worth $60 any day. 

The only and substantial drawback is that it's sound on sound looping 
and if whilst you can switch to normal echo to allow decay, the sound 
vanishes if you restore SOS mode. But for this one problem, it would 
have been a brilliant looper. I wrote to Zoom several times, but no 

It also allows you to set a 10 second delay (or 5 second panning) and a 
6 second mono delay at the same time!

All the best,

Nick Robinson