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Dream Looping Mixer

> First, in a perfect world, what would you fantasy mixer be able to do?

the basic principle is that for looping using
one instrument, and many FX/loopers, you need
almost as many auxes as inputs

I haven't had time to really work on this question, but

here's some of what we like to do, as an example

1) Use 3 FX units, probably with stereo O/P on a couple
2) 2 or 3 looping devices, 2 of which can form a stereo pair
3) feed the O/P from stereo FX into the stereo pair of loopers
4) post process a looper with one of the FX

so it's more a routing thing than a mixing thing 

don't really need EQ much

Need quite a few Aux sends!
how about 2 stereo and 2 mono

Returns 2 stereo 2 mono
...but these should be sendable to the other auxes.

Main Output (stereo) on 
balanced jacks

other inputs/outputs on balanced jacks, but must work
well if unbalanced jack is used.

Could get away with just (stereo) line-in,
but otherwise a nice DI input for guitars, 
and a mic input, both with EQ. 
(...but no point unless these could be v.high quality)

Would all this fit in 1u ? perhaps without the fancy EQed inputs.

 PRO RX1602 :</A>
for an example of what this might look like.

To reduce the no. of pots, the Aux sends could be switchable.
i.e. One pot to send either to Stereo Aux 1 or 2.
One pot to send to either mono Aux 3 or 4.
the switches could be transparent push buttons with LEDs behind
a la behringer.

any stereo I/P or O/P should be switchable by the jacks being plugged
in so that they function as mono  when only one jack is used.

to sum up
3 stereo inputs
2 mono inputs
2 stereo aux sends
2 mono aux sends
main out

or something like that.
2 stereo ip
4 mono ip
1 stereo aux
4 mono aux
main out

oh ......and duplicate Main out on XLR

sound quality would be important, as the signal would
go though a lot of stages..

for 150 I'd buy straight away
if it cost more, then  I'd want to know about the sound 
quality. 300 would be an upper limit. 

andy butler